The Legacy of Thalassa Continues…

Twenty years after Songs of Thalassa a team returns to the planet as Earth’s climate wars reach a fever pitch

Will Lani discover the true meaning of the songs of Thalassa?

Will Orion and Cutten destroy Thalassa to save Earth?

Features of
Songs of Hina

From new alien creatures, ice oceans, lichen forests, and high-tech ski battles, the action is relentless as the war over Thalassa heats up.

New alien species

Explore the Ocean Planet Thalassa

Explore a dynamic planet with a virgin ocean and monster waves

Cool Ocean Tech

Discover the Stark Beauty of Hina

Meet Thalassa’s second moon. In a two-year elliptical orbit, it wreaks havoc on the planet. But where did Hina come from?

Hina: An Icy world with renewed volcanism. A cross between volcanic Io and ice world Enceladus.
Does Hina have an Ice Ocean?

Special Features


Explore the Tao Te Ching


Follow Orion as he traces Hina’s origins.

Nesoi songs & symbols

Learn how the Nesoi communicate

Reviews of Songs of Thalassa

“Hawaiian surfing, spirituality, science and science fiction merge in this futurist epic about a world-class water woman rediscovering her roots on a distant blue world. Written as a rollicking survival adventure and cautionary ecological parable by marine scientist and explorer Brian Tissot ‘Songs of Thalassa’ is a whale of a tale.”

— David Helvarg, Author of Saved by the Sea and The Golden Shore
Author of Saved by the Sea and The Golden Shore

“In Songs of Thalassa, his first novel, he blends cutting-edge oceanography, marine biology, Hawaiian culture, and music into a delightful hard-SF tale sure to join the ranks of fine water worlds.”

— Don Sakers, Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine

The Songs of the Universe series