Summary of Songs of Hina

Year 2110: Twenty years after Songs of Thalassa

Earth is on the edge while extreme climate rages across the planet. Wars everywhere. Mass migrations. Millions dying every day. Sageist’s, the followers of Sage’s vision, are becoming increasingly active politically motivated by increasing support for a mission to exploit Thalassa. They are looking for different tactics to protect the planet and the sentient Nesoi. One of the most aggressive activists is Myah who has created a radical left group (Thalassa First!) to protect the planet.

Lani, Sage’ cousin, is unhappy, her life focused on preserving Sage’s legacy, which is fading. Having spent the last 20 years protecting Thalassa and studying its songs, she is alarmed by shifting global politics that threaten the planet. She has spent decades studying linguistics, music theory, and endlessly listening to the recorded songs of Thalassa. She is convinced the songs contain clues to the planets’ cetacean origins and the connections to Hawaiian myths discovered by Sage. She is so dedicated she has become emotionally shut off from everyone around her. Then she gets a message: The UN is organizing a mission to the Thalassa: does she want to go?

A Cutten planetary geologist, Orion has spent his entire career exploring new planets and asteroids for mineral and microbial resources and searching for past evidence of alien life. Based on fossils, meteorites, and geology samples brought back by Sage, he is convinced the Nesoi did not originate on Thalassa but needs more data to complete the story. He strongly believes in Cutten’s mission to fulfill earth’s burgeoning need for unique bacteria and novel resources on Thalassa and believes Earth should have priority over Thalassa.

At Home Island on Thalassa, Two-spot’s daughter, White Chin, is reeling from her mother’s death from a Chimaera. The Nesoi clan is looking to her as the next matriarch but she is reluctant to accept the responsibility due to conflicts with neighboring clans over shifting alliances. Leadership is failing from crumbling caves and local clan pride.

Milo’s old vessel, the Duke is chosen for the mission with a diverse crew to address Sageist concerns. But Cutten controls six of the eight crew. Lani and Myah are outnumbered and cannot stop Orion’s plans. While the crew searches for exploitable resources to save the earth, Lani races to understand the Nesoi songs and symbols as the volcanic ice moon Hina approaches and the tides begin to swing.

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